Irisationen. Garri Linn
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Garry Linn was born on 27th March, 1967 in Orsk, Russia. His father was an engineer of German – Chinese orogin and his mother was an ophthalmologist of German parentage.

Whilst still a child his interest in and his love for art was fostered and enhanced by his father who concerned himself with architecture and graphic arts.

From 1977 – till 1981 he attended the art school for young people from which he graduated successfully. 1984 after his high school graduation he began to study medicine in Orenburg.

It was then that he concerned himself with the anatomy of the human body. This was of major influence on his future painting. 1987–1989 he was drafted into the army to Moscow where he was employed as a painter and artist.

he continued his study of medicine. Parallel to his medical education he started his cooperation with Anatolij Ronin whose sculptires belonged to the private collection of the Tretjakow Gallery. 1990 Garry Linn had his first exhibition of his works in the gallery of Orsk.

In 1993 he emigrated together with his wife and his one year old son to Bonn. This new start was marked by ups and downs. At first he worked in an dental labaratory where his interest in the detail was awakened and deepened. After that he worked as a stonemason’s assistant.
In this function he was able to employ and make practical use of his skills acquired from Ronin.
Now he turned to painting where he could realise his emotions and deeply hidden passion. He painted in earthy and dark shades of colour. Garry Linn was in search of the essence of the material world. He studied its hidden structure which he presented in his graphic works.

He received total support from his wife who continued her training in ophthalmolog. While she was working on her dissertation on the synthetic iris he became fascinated by the kaledoscopic diversity in the colouring of the human iris which he put on canvas.

„ The eyes are the mirror of our soul. They express our mood, spirit and character. They form the centre of our face and give it a certain expression. The human iris is akin to a map of the inner world and our nervous system. The eye reflects our past, our present and our future potential. And this is what I endeavour to interpret in colour on canvas through my extraordinary optical journey into the inner world of the human eye“.